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"Cobra Fight" - King Kong on Broadway 2019

King Kong was unique not only in that it implemented 4 timpani but also because it needed every bit of those 4 drums.  It was a very satisfyingly challenging  percussion part.  Cobra Fight was a true workout.

"Air War & Bows" - King Kong on Broadway 2019

Air War was the scene when Kong met his end and I found the timpani part to be equally dramatic.  

"Buenos Aires" - LIVE Evita on Broadway 2012

This was the Broadway revival in 2012 with the updated orchestrations from the London version from 2006.  I had a lot of fun developing most of my part for Buenos Aires.  

"I'm One of a Kind" - LIVE How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2018

This was the 5th holiday season dating back to the 2006 debut on Broadway that we  got the Grinch orchestra back together to have a December run in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden.

"Skull Island" - King Kong on Broadway 2019

Skull Island was Kong's introduction in the play.  This gave me lot's of opportunity to provide a sound scape of different exotic instruments (spring drum, taiko, cricket sound effect, Thai nipple gongs, African seed rattles. 

"Whatchamawho" - LIVE How The Grinch
Stole Christmas 2018
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